stormrageFrom the Underground Bunkers in Budapest 
Stormrage produced Remixes for Delirium & Tellurian "ain't no stopping this"
and Leviathan's "We'll tear your soul apart"
and had his very own release on Cenobite Records
Hardcore filled with melodies, symphonies, rattling drums, madness

Performed on:
Last World Festival (BE) , Giants (Austria) , Bassdome (CZ) ,Devastator (HU)

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  • Painbringer - On Da Edge (Stormrage remix)
  • Stormrage - Freedoms Progress
  • Danny Firestone vs Leviathan
  • Delirium & Tellurian - Aint No Stoppin (Stormrage Remix)
  • Leviathan - We'll Tear Your Soul Apart (Stormrage Remix)
  • Stormrage - We Are The Cenobites