25 Years Cenobite Records

25 years Cenobite Records

1996 – 2021 Established in 1996, Cenobite Records has been an undeniable force in driving the evolution and promotion of hardcore psycore music. With its relentless beats, fierce energy, and uncompromising sound, the label has captivated enthusiasts worldwide.Now, as Cenobite Records reaches its 25th year milestone, the 25 Years Jubilee stands as a testament to […]

Hardcore Graffiti

Hardcore & Gabber Related graffiti Special thanks to : Harakiri & Stefy GrafOlivier Le ZizienChuck One & OustemDe LoadsKellor L.A.SwiftMichael Wardenaar



VJ AcidVideo


Psycore T-Shirt Grey

With a lot of diversity in styles of music around the whole electronic music scene, this is a guy to be watched closely.


vinyl one mind

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Interview with Leviathan aka Tellurian

Interview by : Vlad Havelka January 2013 Vlad : about your start How and when did you start? (As a DJ / As a producer) What was the impulse? I started in 1986 with a few friends in a Hip-Hop Group called Digital Power (DP) I collected all kinds of records and was obsessed with […]