Signal Blocker Privacy Box

When people in studio can’t stop using there phone and distract the engineer and mess-up the live recordings …  😉
Also did you know all kinds of apps on your phone record audio & video multiple times a day ?
Even if you turn you phone off it could be still on recording and sending data ..
Put you’re devices and cards in this box and you will be offline for sure ….

  • Cell Phone Privacy Protection
  • RFID Wallet
  • FARADAY RFI shielding
  • Anti Car Key Theft
  • Practical Security
  • Stops any signal leaving the box
  • Blocks Camera & Microphone
  • Perfect for Recording studio
  • Extra Large 19 X 12 X 10 cm
  • Embroidered Mokum Patch

If you don’t want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the box.
Also blocks the phone GPS signal to prevent tracking and protects your privacy


Material: carbon fiber

Color: Black


Only 1 left in stock