dj formekFORMEK
Established a strong link with music in his first years of life.
In 2013 he joined Overdrive Events and in 2015 he founded, with his buddy Danytribe, Overdrive Records.
At the end of 2015 he decided to move on. After joining with Mokum Records, in 2015, he decided to melt all his music experiences in one reality. The mix of his psytrance and hardcore experiences has one name: Cenobite Records.
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Performed on :

D-Boy Invasion in Switzerland, Toxic Hardcore, 2HARD4U, Lake Parade, Overdrive events, Demolition , Mokum F**King Hardcore , Machines In Motion 3.0

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  • Formek & Danytribe - Tell The People
  • Formek - Danger Situations
  • Formek - Keeper of The Wicked
  • Formek - Pulsar
  • Formek - W32