30 Years DJ Delirium

DJ Delirium from New York USA is 30 years in Hardcore Scene !!!

30 years ago, my #1 dream in life was to release a Hardcore Techno record. The first person and label to ever give me an opportunity was Lenny Dee and Industrial Strength Records

It was 1993! 😊 I am forever grateful!!
I was only 20 years old at that time and I did a 3 record deal
under the name Mind Candy – Volumes 1 – 3.
I really loved creating Hardcore music and I starting writing track after track, after track. I am very fortunate to work with soooo many labels and have soooo many releases over the years.
I really can’t believe that is has been 30 years now and
I have released more then 300 songs!! =]
Big shout out to Thomas Vreeke Acidvideo for the wonderful image!! 😊
Big shout out to these amazing artists that I have had the opportunity to work with, and there are soooo many more
that are not listed.

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