30 Years of Mokum Records

30 Years of Mokum Records: An Iconic Anniversary Mokum Records, the pioneers of the Dutch hardcore scene, proudly celebrate their 30th anniversary on June 8th at the Melkweg. This historic event promises an unforgettable journey through time, where three generations of hardcore enthusiasts come together to celebrate, dance, and share memories. The lineup is a journey through the history of Hardcore. The Hardcore Core, consisting of iconic names such as DJ Chosen Few, Dano, Tellurian, Wicked-XXX, and DJ Hidden aka Dysistor, will take the audience back to the origins of the hardcore movement. They will deliver the energy and raw enthusiasm for which Mokum Records is known. The Millennials, represented by Peckerhead, The Twins Artcore, and Formek, bring a contemporary twist to the anniversary. They embody the evolution of hardcore and show how the genre has adapted to the new generation. The New Generation, represented by T-Go and Arvid, will introduce the audience to the latest sounds and trends within the hardcore scene. They promise a fresh look at the future and past of hardcore. The event will be hosted by MC Remsy and MC Lunatic, who will guide the audience through the various decades of hardcore. Their charisma and experience as masters of ceremony will enhance the festivities and make the celebrations unforgettable. VJ ACIDVIDEO will provide a visual experience that perfectly complements the sound explosion on stage, turning the Melkweg into an epic stage for celebrating 30 years of Mokum Records. About Mokum Records Mokum Records, founded in 1993, is a groundbreaking record label that has made an invaluable contribution to the development and popularity of hardcore gabber music in the Netherlands and worldwide. With a rich history of thirty years, Mokum Records has produced countless hits and timeless classics, and the label remains an influential bastion within the hardcore scene.

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