Seeds of the Upcoming Infection (abbreviated SOTUI) is Denis Siks’ alter ego focused on J-Mainstream Hardcore music. This Spanish artist was born in 1993 and his fascination for Hardcore music started when he was around 12 years old while listening to old Pont Aeri and Scorpia compilations where Hardcore was appearing among Hard Trance and Makina tunes. At the age of 15, he started fooling around with Fruity Loops 3 as a hobby. Later, he discovered Japanese Mainstream Hardcore through artists like RoughSketch, DJ Myosuke, Noizenecio or kenta-v.ez, etc. In 2012, he decided to go one step further and started studying how to produce music, learning about EQ and synthesis; he then self-released 2 EPs on his own free netlabel Dark Castle Records (defunct). After that, SOTUI started working harder to achieve a better sound quality and sent demos to labels. Some months later, he signed a contract with Kurrupt Recordings HARD[UK] which he released 2 EPs on. Having joined several compilations on labels like Attack the Music[US] (including the collaboration with Shibuya’s fashion brand galaxxxy “galaxxxy TRAXX”), Login Records[JP], X-treme Hard[JP], Hardcore Armament Reloaded[JP], and EPs on labels like Red Fever Recordings[NL] and Darkside Unleashed[UK], he also released his first solo album “Chapter I: Outbreak” through Attack the Music. His song “Judge Not,” in collaboration with Lost Origin, made it to #49 in Hardtunes’ Top 100 (Darkside Unleashed) .He has his own label “Rising Sun Traxx” and co-founded “Hardcore Armament Reloaded” together with Kortarow. He also is 50% of Distorted Twins with pocotan, with whom he released two volumes of the series in physical format (CD). Currently, SOTUI is focusing on making music for rhythm games, most recently having his song “Nightmares” featured in CAPCOM’s “CROSSxBEATS.” He is still working hard to bring his best to his audience, and has big plans for the second half of 2017…Book this Artists :