BEYONDER / ARCHATOS was a collaboration between  Leviathan & Beyonder/Archatos Together they made the tracks “The Wish” ,”Dark Shadow” & “the Mind is A Labyrinth” for the Cenobite 2 E.P. BEYONDER. Also they produced “The Strength of Unity”  “Demonz on Earth” & “My God” for the Cenobite 6 E.P. ARCHATOSAnd for the Cenobite 10 double E.P. “The Revelation” the track “the Prophecy” Also in colabaration with ARJUNA they made the classics “Shoot that Motherfuck” & “Rock on till the break of dawn” on the Cenobite 4 E.P. DJ-ARJUNA & BEYONDER Shoot that Motherfuck” is also released as a music video (3D animated) Produced by Cenobite & PIX Rodney Balai aka Beyonder worked under many different names “Maniac of Noize (Mokum Records)” “innerchild KNOR Records)” to name a few