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Payment doesn’t work ?

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I’m not logged in, can I place an order?

In order to provide you with better service it’s required to create an account and login to place your order.
Creating an account is free and allows you to track your order history.

IMPORTANT : if you order goods that need to be shipped

We need your full name & Address and don’t forget your region code, house number + extensions
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Whether you have a small letterbox packet or a large parcel,
PostNL.nl Parcels is happy to send you goods abroad.
Whatever the destination, you want your parcel to get to where it’s going as fast as possible.

We need your full name & Address and don’t forget your region code, house number + extensions
If you create an Account use your real name .
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How long does the shipment take?

After your order has been placed, it will be shipped as soon as possible.
The order will be shipped after we received the payment.
Delivery time may vary sometimes due to availability of products.
How long delivery takes depends on where you live.
Inside the EU it normally takes less than 2 weeks.
All stuff on the web-site is available and on stock however sometimes we have to wait for our suppliers.
Outside the EU  about 20 days for a shipment.
Delivery times may vary.

Customs & TAX countries outside EU :

The rules for purchasing items online from anywhere outside the European Union, means that:

you must always pay VAT. As of July 1, 2021, there is no longer a VAT exemption for products under €22.
you must also pay import duties if products cost more than €150.
However, costs that you have not yet paid, such as import duties, are settled with the delivery company.

The delivery company will also need to declare the goods to customs and pay customs clearance costs.
These costs will be passed on to you.

My preview web-player doesn’t work.

Check if Your browser supports HTML 5

How can I pay my downloaded MP3s and Merchandise?

You can pay with credit-card, ideal and pay-pal
Check all other payment options in your order.

My MP3 doesn’t work, what can I do?

Send a mail including your invoice to info@cenobiterecords.com, we will solve the problem.

When will you Release new tracks?

We release new Tracks On a regular base.
Check the News section &  follow us on social-media to find out the latest news and updates

Can I distribute / share the downloaded tracks?

The downloaded tracks are for personal use only.
You can play them on Events & Festivals, Help out your favorite Artists by providing a Track lists and sent to. BUMA/STEMRA
Check out their Set List app : bumastemra.nl/setlijstenapp/

It’s still very difficult to figure out where & when our music is played world-wide, without proper track-list information it’s impossible to get payed from Buma-Stemra. They are claiming that they going to use Artificial Intelligence in the near future to deal with this.
We are pretty sure our artists did not get what we deserved the last 20 years even when we proved our Artists were listed on the line-up.

This message is almost on every Cassette Tape, Vinyl, CD,


This basically means the organizer of the event, Platform or the Location Manager has to sort this with Buma/Stemra & Sena
This also applies to Radio & Television or any other medium this is separate from the license directly from us.

This is Music Rights protection, Example Facebook don’t like to pay for Music Rights for users that’s why people get blocked automated by big music publishers.
The solution is simple Facebook has to sort it and pay something for Music being used on there platforms.

These Laws apply mainly for bigger events & locations and commercial use. This is the only protection system for musicians with a exclusive agreement with Buma/Stemra & Sena in the Netherlands.

DJ Mixes

As far as we know Mixcloud is the only DJ streaming Platform that tackled the Music rights problem in a legal way! and it’s free!
Sorry to pop your bubble If you made a DJ mix and put it up for free download and then try to share it with the label & Artists followers is big time lame !  And how do you expect to get more streams if you give it away as download ?
Nothing wrong to give your mix to some friends & family or event organizations let’s call it fair use.

For the record we don’t do mix take downs and we counting on you to do the right thing.

Don’t shoot the messenger 😉
It’s complicated.


2020 Update We wanted to reach out to share Mixcloud’s recent statement on music licensing.
Artists that get played should get paid. This is the foundation of the modern music ecosystem.
When streamers and DJs are hit by music copyright takedowns on other platforms, it’s because those platforms have not – for whatever reason – secured the right music licenses. They are not paying the artists that are getting played.
This is not the fault of musicians or labels. It’s down to the platforms.
Often they encourage DJs and artists to use their platforms despite not having the correct music licenses. All the while hiding in the small print of their terms and conditions that you should not use copyrighted music.
Many of these platforms are owned by some of the biggest businesses in the world. For example Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has recently seen many DMCA takedowns for unlicensed copyrighted music.
These huge companies are very willing to use music to grow their businesses, but do they genuinely support the music ecosystem if they are not paying royalties to all artists?
Mixcloud – an independent streaming platform with a fraction of the resources of larger corporations – has invested time and money into getting the right licenses. That is why music takedowns do not happen on Mixcloud.
Mixcloud is the only open platform that pays all rights holders (artists, labels, songwriters, publishers) and also pays DJs. Mixcloud’s monetization program pays 83% of revenue out to rights holders and channel owners.
If you love music and care about the future of this ecosystem, then it’s up to all of us to choose a streaming platform that does the right thing.
Sign up for a free Mixcloud Pro trial and start streaming today
If this message resonates with you, please share it.
Team Mixcloud


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