Philosopher joined the cenobite crew in 2011.

Experimenting with various musical styles, like ambient, Ethnic/tribal music, drum & bass, and psychedelic music to get a unique sound while still keeping the cenobite vibe alive. His deep love for the mystical beauty of the universe will reflect in his atmospheres and lyrics, and thus explaining his artist name as well.. Always on the quest of gaining more knowledge, and getting better at sound design, so expect a lot of high-tech mystical sounds in the near future of cenobite records.

Performed on :

Hardcore 4 Life ,  20 Years Dream Team Paradiso, Hellbound , Multigroove,  Machines In Motion 3.0 – Cenobite 20 Years,
Kings of Core Festival ,  Hardshock Festival,  Hellraiser, Hell-O-Ween, Ruffneck versus Cenobite, 25 Years Dance 2 Eden, O.S.I.B.
Galaxydrome Moscow

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