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CENOBITE RECORDS is an open platform for Experimental Dance Music since 1996. Some call their sound Trancecore or Cenobite Style, Cenobite likes to call it Psycore (Psychedelic Hardcore).

Cenobite Collective started as a studio collaboration project. 5 of the finest Cenobite DJ’s/producers (DJ Arjuna, DJ Damian, Leviathan aka Tellurian, Manic en The Philosopher) will team-up to bring you a one of a kind exclusive tag team DJ-set with the best of Cenobite/Hellraiser (Sporthallen Zuid) tracks.

Do you remember the Chainsaw Performance during the Hellraiser Ritual in Sporthallen Zuid in 1994..? Hope your stomach is strong enough for this..

More Cenobite sounds that can be played by Cenobite Collective at Hellraiser – HELL O WEEN on the 31st of October 2015 you can listen here:

More info & tickets:

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