We welcome you to our kingdom of the true hardcore spirit. Gabberland is governed by the collaborative forces of Hellbound, PRSPCT and Ouwe Stijl is Botergeil. During ADE, as the whole world comes to Amsterdam to dance, we open the gates to Gabberland. Our emotional state of choice is ecstasy Our religion of choice is […]

Pandemonium 2022


Pandemonium is on of the leading Hardcore events in the world in it’s kind. The event is organized by Cyndium It contains al kinds of Hardcore on a legendary location Sporthallen Zuid Tickets available at Previous Next



GABBER MAFIA BOGOTÁ se complace en anunciar POR TERECERA VEZ su evento internacional.. un evento EXCLUSIVO , único en su clase…. presentando a Michel Klassen ( DJ LEVIATHAN a.k.a TELLURIAN ) desde Ámsterdam por primera vez en Bogotá y latino América.Un artista épico en la escena de del EARLY HARDCORE (GABBER ) de la casa […]

Cenobite HQ Studio


The Cenobite HQ Studio Established in 1996 is based in Amsterdam and offers a wide variety of services in the Multi Media field. Studio Bookings always include the Studio Engineer.Note: the cd’s above were recorded mixed mastered & edited at cenobite HQ studio Custom Music Music Recording Analog & Digital Sound Design Sound Synthesis Voice […]

Hardcore Graffiti

Hardcore & Gabber Related graffiti Special thanks to : Harakiri & Stefy GrafOlivier Le ZizienChuck One & OustemDe LoadsKellor L.A.SwiftMichael Wardenaar

Chosen Few

chosen few dj

Hardcore and Gabber freaks globally pay homage to the marvel that is Chosen Few.

Danny Firestone

danny firestone

original Hardcore hooligan, and inventor of the typical Riot-style Hardcore


dj dano amsterdam

DJ Dano is one of the founders of the hardcore scene……


Psycore T-Shirt Grey

With a lot of diversity in styles of music around the whole electronic music scene, this is a guy to be watched closely.