30 Years Ruffneck Records


Yes !!! It’s a absolute honor to be invited to bring some Cenobite flavor to this event. DJ Ruffneck #artcore #pioneer Hardcore #oldschool #hardtechno #gabber #earlyhardcore #influencer Immortal – Ultimate Hardcore presents 30 Years dj Ruffneck https://www.facebook.com/events/5907705695986734

Ruffneck versus Cenobite

Artcore Versus Psycore Label Showcase of The Inner Circle Some of the finest dj / Artists of both record Labels That previously produced & released some serious Music Productions No Tricks ,gimmicks or premade mixes ,Just a few dj’s dropping the phattest Darkcore , Artcore , Psycore & Trancecore Op 5 Juni bundelen Ruffneck & […]