Tellurian – Italy


The hardcore, old school, returning to hit hard on the dance floor with one of its most iconic performers: Tellurian. For over thirty years on the scene, he is one of the pioneers of the gabber sound, which has led him to release on labels such as Mokum and Bad Vibes Records, as well as being the founder of Cenobite Records. RHZ, Ombra, and Elios are ready to battle alongside him.
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📝 Mandatory Free Membership 🎟
Contribution: €10
👤 Limited Capacity 📍
Via Bollana 2, Cervia (RA)

Artwork → Giulio Urbini
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CLUB POLICY AND SAFETY Our goal is for everyone visiting this club, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, body shape, and style of clothing, to feel safe and perceive the atmosphere of aggregation and cohesion on which MEET COMPACT CLUB is built. NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA, NO TRANSPHOBIA. Entry 🔞 ⚠️ It is mandatory to present the 2024 membership card and a valid identification document.

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