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Advanced Dealers - Now or Never LIMITED VINYL-0

Advanced Dealers – Now or Never VINYL


Cover is slightly damaged ….
The last copies now on sale

Artist :    Advanced Dealers
Genre :   Hardcore / Psycore

Also available as MP3 download !!!

Track:  A1  Now or Never        06:19
Track: A2  The speakerblow  05:19
Track: B1  Join us or Die        05:56
Track: B2  Mental Overdrive   05:26

Review from Brisk  core-magazine  UK

Artist: Advanced Dealers
Release : Now Or Never E.P.

dj formek


20 Years Cenobite Records T-shirt  
Color:   Dark Bleu
Print:    Front: Full Color
Print:    Back: White

PRODUCED BY 100% Hardcore

Wash With similar colors   ( 30 ) 
Wash & Iron Inside Out
Do NOT iron Print
Reshape when Wet
Dry & store flat


Mokum Cenobite tour shirt

Mokum Cenobite tour shirt


  • Vintage  Mokum Cenobite Invasion Tour shirt
  • Condition Used
  • Line-up on the backside
  • Collectors Item
  • Size: Large


Protective Mask

Gabber Sports Mask

  • Protective Four layer Filter
  • Respirator
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Dust & Pollen proof
  • Activated Carbon Layer
  • Breathing valve
  • Velcro Fitting
rfid blokker

RFID Signal Blocking Bag

Did you know your passport ID, bank cards and phones can send & receive data ?
Be aware of cyber criminals while traveling !

  • RFID Signal Blocking
  • Water proof
  • Shoulder strap, Belt loop & Carabiner
  • Size 11 X 4 X 17.5 cm

Signal Blocker Privacy Box

When people in studio can’t stop using there phone and distract the engineer and mess-up the live recordings …  😉
Also did you know all kinds of apps on your phone record audio & video multiple times a day ?
Even if you turn you phone off it could be still on recording and sending data ..
Put you’re devices in this box and you will be offline for sure ….

  • Cell Phone Privacy Protection
  • RFID Wallet
  • FARADAY RFI shielding
  • Anti Car Key Theft
  • Practical Security
  • Stops any signal leaving the box
  • Blocks Camera & Microphone
  • Perfect for Recording studio
  • Artificial leather
  • Extra Large 19 X 12 X 10 cm