Bio-Forge on Thunderdome 2023

leviathan predator aka bio-forge thunderdome 2023

Bio-Forge Unleashes Unprecedented Musical Spectacle at Thunderdome 2023

Thunderdome, Europe’s premier indoor hardcore gabber festival, is set to host a groundbreaking performance by the enigmatic musical duo, Bio-Forge, comprised of the renowned artists Leviathan and DJ Predator. Taking place at the iconic Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on December 9, 2023, this highly anticipated event promises to redefine the very essence of electronic music.

Thunderdome, known for pushing the boundaries of musical experiences, has garnered a reputation as the largest and most electrifying indoor festival on the continent. Thunderdome 2023 is expected to continue this legacy with a performance that defies convention and immerses attendees in a sonic and visual spectacle like never before.

Impact: Thunderdome 2023’s Bio-Forge performance is not just a concert; it’s a revolution in music, an experience that transcends language and culture, uniting thousands of music enthusiasts under one harmonious beat.

About Thunderdome: Thunderdome is Europe’s largest indoor hardcore gabber festival, known for its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and live performances. Thunderdome continues to set the standard for the electronic music industry.

About Bio-Forge: Bio-Forge is the brainchild of DJ Predator and Leviathan that started in 1996, two luminaries in the electronic music scene. Together, they have created a musical experience that transcends genres and connects with the souls of their audience.


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