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DJ Tellurian Makes a Triumphant Return to Ghosttown,

13-01-2024 Tivoli Vredenburg Utrecht – The Ghosttown Gabber Event is set to be a night of nostalgia and unbridled energy as DJ Tellurian returns to the stage to play an exclusive set of hardcore classics. This highly-anticipated comeback performance promises to transport dance music enthusiasts back in time, reviving the golden era of hardcore music.

The Ghosttown Gabber Event has consistently showcased the cutting-edge of electronic music, but this time, it’s making a unique turn back in time to celebrate the roots of the hardcore and gabber genres. DJ Tellurian will be taking the audience on a journey through a sonic time machine, with a setlist that includes some of the most iconic and beloved hardcore classics that defined a generation.


◼️ Weirdo
◼️ Ruffneck
◼️ Neophyte
◼️ Darkraver (6 hour set)
◼️ Scott Brown
◼️ MD&A
◼️ Leviathan a.k.a. Tellurian
◼️ Arjuna
◼️ Buzz Fuzz (Exclusive BZRK-only set)
◼️ The Raver
◼️ Gizmo
◼️ Gabber Syndrome
◼️ The Twins Artcore
◼️ Stanton
◼️ Faniac
◼️ Oldskool Johnny
◼️ Lady Error
◼️ MC Axys
◼️ MC M-Core

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