Cenobite Records Vinyl CB2020

cenobite vinyl 2020

Cenobite Records proudly presents !!!

CB2020 A new limited edition 4 track Cenobite Vinyl With exclusive tracks.

Some call it Acidcore , Trancecore or Cenobite style
they like to call it Psycore ( Psychadelic Hardcore)
As one of the Harder Styles it’s described as A Mix of Dark Hardcore Break-beat Tekno Acid PsyTrance  
But in the end they are Influenced by all kinds of music & sounds

  • A1: Philosopher & Leviathan – One Mind 4:15
    By: T.Bijlsma & M.Klaassen


  • A2: Chosen Few – Say It Loud 5:05
    By: F.Prijt
  • B1: Damian & Philosopher – Still Here 5:27
    By: A.Doorman & T.Bijlsma
  • B2: Peckerhead – Fire & Frustration 5:50
    By: D.Ronhave
  • Artwork by: Acidvideo
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