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Yes You can have a free account Unlimited free uploads for dj’s But if you want to live stream you need a PRO account . They are working on Live Video ( Beta Version is running now for Pro users ) This is the only legal platform as far as we know so no take downs !!

We wanted to reach out to share Mixcloud’s recent statement on music licensing. Artists that get played should get paid. This is the foundation of the modern music ecosystem. When streamers and DJs are hit by music copyright takedowns on other platforms, it’s because those platforms have not – for whatever reason – secured the right music licenses. They are not paying the artists that are getting played. This is not the fault of musicians or labels. It’s down to the platforms. Often they encourage DJs and artists to use their platforms despite not having the correct music licenses. All the while hiding in the small print of their terms and conditions that you should not use copyrighted music. Many of these platforms are owned by some of the biggest businesses in the world. For example Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has recently seen many DMCA takedowns for unlicensed copyrighted music. These huge companies are very willing to use music to grow their businesses, but do they genuinely support the music ecosystem if they are not paying royalties to all artists? Mixcloud – an independent streaming platform with a fraction of the resources of larger corporations – has invested time and money into getting the right licenses. That is why music takedowns do not happen on Mixcloud. Mixcloud is the only open platform that pays all rights holders (artists, labels, songwriters, publishers) and also pays DJs. Mixcloud’s monetization program pays 83% of revenue out to rights holders and channel owners. https://www.mixcloud.com/select/creators/ If you love music and care about the future of this ecosystem, then it’s up to all of us to choose a streaming platform that does the right thing. Sign up for a free Mixcloud Pro trial and start streaming today https://www.mixcloud.com/pro/ If this message resonates with you, please share it. Team Mixcloud


In April 2020, we fast-tracked our plans and launched Mixcloud LIVE in beta. Our mission was and continues to be simple: build the world’s best music live-streaming platform. We know that nothing will ever beat experiencing music in a real venue with friends, but while clubs and concert halls are locked down we’re trying to build the next best thing.

A short nine months later, we are happy that Mixcloud LIVE is robust and reliable enough to graduate from beta. We have built out many core features like the ability to legally save recordings of your streams, high fidelity 320kbps audio, improved stability, and negotiated the music licences that ensure the artists who are played, get paid.

Since April, Mixcloud LIVE has hosted hundreds of thousands of streams connecting millions of creators and fans from all over the world from London to New Delhi, Los Angeles to Hanoi and beyond. Countless creators both big and small have been part of the journey so far. Too many to all mention here, but some of the regulars include John Digweed, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Club Quarantine, CARISTA, Benji B, Carl Cox, GHB2B, Questlove, Little Pink Book and many more.

Most importantly, we want to give a big thank you to EVERYONE who used Mixcloud LIVE while it was in beta. Your feedback, creativity and positivity while we ironed out the bugs has been incredible.

Building a global live-streaming product at speed and in public is pretty hard. It’s a bit like building an airplane from scratch while it’s taking off. New Year’s Eve was a real milestone in this journey. We smashed (and we do mean smashed) our records of concurrent streamers and viewers without any stability issues, giving us confidence to take Mixcloud LIVE to the next level in 2021.

Coming out of beta doesn’t mean that we’re done building it. Quite the opposite — we’re just getting started. This year we will expand Mixcloud LIVE’s features, continuing our mission to build the world’s best music live-streaming platform. We’ve been gathering your feedback over the past year and have so much in the roadmap we can’t wait to share.

Thank you once again.

#TeamMixcloud #GetPlayedGetPaid #ByeByeBeta

Want to go live for the first time? Mixcloud LIVE is available exclusively to Mixcloud Pro creators.

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