Born and raised in Amsterdam started producing in 1985 in a hip-hop crew called D-P “Digital-Power”.
Through hip-house and Acid Techno Michel Klaassen became obsessed with dark hardcore played at illegal parties in warehouses.
He released his first record in 1992 in the formation “the TOF band”.
Michel invested in new equipment and classic Vintage Synthesizers,
Finally resulting in a professional multimedia recording studio that makes the hearts of many producers beat faster.
“I can produce almost any kind of music in my studio ,my interest for music is also very versatile”
He developed a wide variety of styles and worked on many project’s with other artists like

Delirium, Omar Santana, Predator, Danny Firestone, Dano,
Chosen few, Techno-Head, Micado, Crypt, Archatos, Beyonder, Holocron, Brainiac, Philosopher

Project “Tellurian” His collaboration with Mokum Records began in the early 90s, when the label was a crucial platform for the development and dissemination of the hardcore sound. Tellurian’s unique style and ability to produce raw, energetic, and dark tracks quickly made him a valuable member of the Mokum team.

Leviathan, is a pioneering figure in the hardcore music scene and the founder of Cenobite Records. Since its inception in 1996, Cenobite Records has become synonymous with cutting-edge hardcore music and has played a crucial role in shaping the genre’s landscape. With a keen ear for innovative sounds and an unwavering commitment to quality, Leviathan curated a diverse roster of artists who shared his passion for pushing sonic boundaries. Cenobite Records became a home for underground producers and DJs, providing them with a platform to unleash their creative visions.

Since 1992 Performing all over the world as a DJ & Live-act.
On events like :

Hellraiser , Mystery-land, Digital Overdose, Thunderdome, Immortality, Hardcore Resurrection , Ground Zero Festival, Multigroove, Hellbound, Q-base Festival, In Qontrol, Earthquake Festival, Pandemonium, Harmony of Hardcore Festival, Play Festival, WISH outdoor Festival, Last World Festival, Hardshock Festival , Dance Valley, Tellurian (Dubai), Ghosttown , Dance to Eden , DefQon-1 Festival, Airforce Festival

Performances in :
The Netherlands,Italy,France,Belgium,Germany,Spain,Hungary,Poland,Ukraine,Russia,United States America,UAE,Czech Republic,United Kingdom,Slovenia,Switzerland,Finland,Denmark,Austria,Australia,Colombia


For more Info please Contact:  INFO@CENOBITE.NL

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