Leviathan on This is Madness – 100% Vinyl


Wibar in Leiden is a small but such a lovely venue. It`s totally bringing the underground vibe what you can expect from us. Our mind was blown when we entered this club for the first time. We can tell you more but we want to blown your mind as well when you are entering this […]

Pandemonium 2022


Pandemonium is on of the leading Hardcore events in the world in it’s kind. The event is organized by Cyndium It contains al kinds of Hardcore on a legendary location Sporthallen Zuid Tickets available at www.cyndium.com/tickets. Previous Next



GABBER MAFIA BOGOTÁ se complace en anunciar POR TERECERA VEZ su evento internacional.. un evento EXCLUSIVO , único en su clase…. presentando a Michel Klassen ( DJ LEVIATHAN a.k.a TELLURIAN ) desde Ámsterdam por primera vez en Bogotá y latino América.Un artista épico en la escena de del EARLY HARDCORE (GABBER ) de la casa […]


bio forge cenobite

Bio-Forge started as a collaboration project in 1996



Through hip-house and Acid  Techno Michel became obsessed with dark hardcore played at illegal parties in warehouses.

Interview with Leviathan aka Tellurian

Interview by : Vlad Havelka January 2013 Vlad : about your start How and when did you start? (As a DJ / As a producer) What was the impulse? I started in 1986 with a few friends in a Hip-Hop Group called Digital Power (DP) I collected all kinds of records and was obsessed with […]