Ruffneck versus Cenobite

Artcore Versus Psycore Label Showcase of The Inner Circle Some of the finest dj / Artists of both record Labels That previously produced & released some serious Music Productions No Tricks ,gimmicks or premade mixes ,Just a few dj’s dropping the phattest Darkcore , Artcore , Psycore & Trancecore Op

cenobite vinyl 2020

Cenobite Records Catalog

All the ReleasesArtwork is made by different Artist. Sometimes its the same artist that made the music. Special thanks to : PixelinktAcidvideo  

Interview with Leviathan aka Tellurian

Interview by : Vlad Havelka January 2013 Vlad : about your startHow and when did you start? (As a DJ / As a producer) What was the impulse? I started in 1986 with a few friends in a Hip-Hop Group called Digital Power (DP)I collected all kinds of records and