► Deep Cutz is spreading the virus from the Netherlands, touching down on the UK island !! Serving you dutty dubby amenized drum ‘n noise core mash ups. And brain blistering basslines inna true sound system style & fashion. ____________________________________________________________ ► We mash up: FUTURE BASS / DRUM & BASS


Leviathan @ Pandemonium – “The Religion” 05-12-2015, Sporthallen Zuid De voorbereidingen voor het grootste hardcore evenement in zijn soort zijn al in volle gang! Pandemonium heeft geen introductie meer nodig en de volgende knallende editie gaat zaterdag 5 december 2015 wederom plaatsvinden in de ultieme hardcore tempel: de Sporthallen Zuid


Pictures of this event Click here ! After Movie of this event below   CENOBITE RECORDS is an open platform for Experimental Dance Music since 1996. Some call their sound Trancecore or Cenobite Style, Cenobite likes to call it Psycore (Psychedelic Hardcore). Cenobite Collective started as a studio collaboration

Ruffneck versus Cenobite

Artcore Versus Psycore Label Showcase of The Inner Circle Some of the finest dj / Artists of both record Labels That previously produced & released some serious Music Productions No Tricks ,gimmicks or premade mixes ,Just a few dj’s dropping the phattest Darkcore , Artcore , Psycore & Trancecore Op

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Cenobite Records Catalog

All the ReleasesArtwork is made by different Artist. Sometimes its the same artist that made the music. Special thanks to : PixelinktAcidvideo  

Interview with Leviathan aka Tellurian

Interview by : Vlad Havelka January 2013 Vlad : about your startHow and when did you start? (As a DJ / As a producer) What was the impulse? I started in 1986 with a few friends in a Hip-Hop Group called Digital Power (DP)I collected all kinds of records and