25 Years Cenobite Records

25 years Cenobite Records

1996 – 2021 Based in Amsterdam Cenobite started as sub-label of ISP Hellraiser ultimate hardcore dance events in 1996 and is also responsible for the production of the ISP Hellraiser and immortality TV CD series.In the middle of the happy hardcore era Cenobite’s goal was to continue the darker side of hardcore and create a […]

Online Download Platforms

All Cenobite tracks are available on this website.We have some exclusive tracks and all tracks are taken from the original master recording.Also you will have unlimited access and re-download tracks via your account anywhere in the world. Go to our tracks section click on a Artist to hear all there Tracks on Cenobite.But we are […]

Ruffneck versus Cenobite

Artcore Versus Psycore Label Showcase of The Inner Circle Some of the finest dj / Artists of both record Labels That previously produced & released some serious Music Productions No Tricks ,gimmicks or premade mixes ,Just a few dj’s dropping the phattest Darkcore , Artcore , Psycore & Trancecore Op 5 Juni bundelen Ruffneck & […]