30 Years DJ Delirium


DJ Delirium from New York USA is 30 years in Hardcore Scene !!! 30 years ago, my #1 dream in life was to release a Hardcore Techno record. The first person and label to ever give me an opportunity was Lenny Dee and Industrial Strength Records It was 1993! I am forever grateful!! I was […]



GABBER MAFIA BOGOTÁ se complace en anunciar POR TERECERA VEZ su evento internacional.. un evento EXCLUSIVO , único en su clase…. presentando a Michel Klassen ( DJ LEVIATHAN a.k.a TELLURIAN ) desde Ámsterdam por primera vez en Bogotá y latino América.Un artista épico en la escena de del EARLY HARDCORE (GABBER ) de la casa […]

MIxcloud DJ Live stream platform


Yes You can have a free account Unlimited free uploads for dj’s But if you want to live stream you need a PRO account . They are working on Live Video ( Beta Version is running now for Pro users ) This is the only legal platform as far as we know so no take […]

DJ Chucky

dj chucky japan



dj stormrage

Hardcore filled with melodies, symphonies, rattling drums, madness.


dj amarantes

All his life Mikhail Ushakov (AMARANTES) bears the title of “musician-experimenter”.


dj deviance uk

Deviance to diverge from usual or accepted standards Simon ‘Deviance’ has been a true fan of Hardcore ever since his teenage years


dj peckerhead

Peckerhead With tireless energy and a good understanding of the genre’s standards, his productions is always worth listening to .