MIxcloud DJ Live stream platform

Cenobite mixcloud

Yes You can have a free account Unlimited free uploads for dj’s But if you want to live stream you need a PRO account . They are working on Live Video ( Beta Version is running now for Pro users ) This is the only legal platform as far as we know so no take […]

DJ Chucky

dj chucky japan



dj stormrage

Hardcore filled with melodies, symphonies, rattling drums, madness.


dj amarantes

All his life Mikhail Ushakov (AMARANTES) bears the title of “musician-experimenter”.


dj deviance uk

Deviance to diverge from usual or accepted standards Simon ‘Deviance’ has been a true fan of Hardcore ever since his teenage years


dj peckerhead

Peckerhead With tireless energy and a good understanding of the genre’s standards, his productions is always worth listening to .



Back in the days she started playing old school & hardstyle, better known as Early Hardstyle now.


m project japan

With a unique hardcore sound representing a variety of music genres, and chaotic live performances, he has attracted a fan base not only in his home of Japan, but also overseas.


Created by the devil many years ago.
I’ve remained dormant UNTIL NOW!


dj formek

After many experiences with other music genres, such as psytrance and big beat, he restarted with hardcore sound.